Friday, August 29, 2008

So I Can Go to Bed

1.) Tomorrow morning we leave to spend a few days in Tucson. I am going to of course visit my family, but I will see several friends that are very near and dear to my heart even despite the fact that I have not seen several of them for many many years. I am excited to exchange stories, take pictures, introduce them to Brandon, and gossip (in the best way of course) about others that we know. It should also be nice to visit Tucson, even though that city is still in the thick of summer. In many ways, I still consider Tucson home and always praise it when I can.

2.) I can't sleep. Whenever we have to get up early to catch a plane, my mind gets filled with all the billions of things I want to make sure I remember in the morning. My mind always paces with minutiae like "I didn't grab deodorant so I need to remember to pack that" or "I should take out the garbage so it doesn't stink when we get home" or "Should I pack another pair of flip flops?" I always debate, too, whether or not I should just get up and complete my to-do list but always decide to stay put and try to get my body at least start to relax. So here I am, in a relaxed position, only allowing myself to write for ten more minutes...just to get all these thoughts out so I can hopefully catch a few hours of nite-nite.

3.) Brandon worked a 14-hour day today. He has been dreading it for a while now and made it all the way through without a complaint. I appreciate that he works a few nights a week in addition to all his school work. He's the best even though he sometimes does hideous things with his facial hair.

4.) The DNC just wrapped up in our mile-high city. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see one lick of it. Is that lame or what? I was talking about this amongst friends tonight and someone put it perfectly, "It's like there's this big party three miles away that is off limits to us. There's no way they'd let us in anywhere and even if there was a hope, would it be worth the traffic? And where would we park?" So true. I at least wanted to see the tents, police in riot gear, and catch a celeb or two, preferably The Boss or maybe George Clooney. Oh well. That's what Real Life (aka a full time job) does to you, I suppose. Makes you less spontaneous and overly practical.

5.) The link to the blog where I write about my work is here. I don't write on it a ton and haven't learned how to keep my posts short and sweet. My job could be pretty consuming so this is where I tease it out so I can leave it behind. I write about learning the ropes, feeling the responsibility of my job, and wanting to actually make a difference. It might be a big fat bore to a lot of people, so this is your warning.

6.) My ten minutes are up. xoxo

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JanaB said...

There are about two people that I would have loved to have seen at the DNC. . . Obama and Biden- thats about it (and I am a registered Dem) did you see any mayhem in the town? :)