Thursday, August 27, 2009

This Post is Kind of Contradictory

I haven't written in a while, namely because I have been trying to spare you from marginal topics of conversation that have been running through my head over the past few weeks. I know the whole concept of blogging in general is marginal but my current inner ramblings are exceptionally so.

Let me prove it. These are the topics I could have told you about over the past few weeks.

1.) I got a new job (yay!) but it is really really boring (grrr) and every day I come home wanting to bang my head really hard against a wall to try and revive my soul. Call me prideful, but I didn't want to tell ya'll that I'm dying a slow painful death at work. I can now, though, because I think things will get better since I'm almost done training. The risk of me getting a traumatic brain injury is decreasing with each passing day.

2.) My kitties. I've discussed them before, although last time I thought there was only my precious kitty, Deliah Garrity. We've since figured out that our next door neighbor has about 8 billion kitties living in a dilapidated shed and they pretty run the roost around here. I am oddly obsessed with them and spend way too much time telling Brandon what I saw the kitties (and by kitties I mean full grown cats) doing and how it was so awesome. I even have a high-pitched obnoxious voice that I use to endear them to me when I see them and started to draw ya'll one of my famous 'Windows Paint' pieces to illustrate some of their key concepts, but then got bored and quit. So if I get bored mid-Windows Paint, how could I ever formulate an entire post?

3.) Yoga. I'm becoming obsessed and often have to restrain myself from telling everyone I know about how there's this studio near my house with $4 classes that will seriously rock your world and won't you please come with me? I try to go twice a week and love it when my mat pitter-patters with sweat about half way through the class; my heels now touch the ground when I do down dog which is a big deal for me. I hope to one day do arm balancing poses but that's probably a long shot. Are your eyes glazing over yet? Brandon's are getting that same look as when I tell him about shopping (and come to think of it, the kitties, too). Don't worry, I'm not offended. You are lucky you got the short version.

4.) The serious stuff. And no, I'm not trying to elicit sympathy or curiosity or worry. I'm just feeling a need to be pragmatic and talk about how blogland is so shallow in the sense that it is mostly about our (collective) awesomeness when in reality, there's all this serious junk floating around in all of our minds that is often more important than the stuff we post. The shallow stuff though is a fun, dandy, and innocent way to escape and 'stay connected'. I am SO guilty of it (this is like our 110th post or something and the list of blogs I follow is way longer than the outdated list on our sidebar). I don't think that's a bad thing, either. But you know, sometimes you are just not in a clever, show-offy mood. And since this is not the Dear Diary sort of place, the blog just kind of sits sometimes.

I can't end on such a Debbie Downer note so here's the final reason why I haven't been so bloggy-bloggy lately.

4.) Friday Night Lights.
BEST SHOW EVER. SERIOUSLY. (a whole post on the show, though, is not the best idea ever). We have pretty much spent the whole summer watching all 3 seasons of it and it has gradually started to consume our thoughts. Brandon developed his first 'man-crush' and I have actually looked into purchasing Friday Night Lights merchandise. This show is also the reason that I've used the phrase "ya'll" several times in this entry. We are both officially in love with small town Texas high school football. We have each had dreams about the characters and have been known to lie awake at night wondering how season 4 will ever compare to seasons 1-3, lamenting about characters we no longer see, and trying to predict what will happen next. And while I've talked a lot of TV on this blog (which in and of itself is a little weird), this show tops them all. Yes. It is better than LOST. I feel like a traitor but this show is A-MA-ZING. So there. I told you all about FNL. Did you feel it was a little gratuitous? I did.

All right. Now you are caught up on all the stuff I tried so hard to hold back. Maybe next time I write I'll be a little more concise and purposeful. Maybe.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Good Deal

We all love them. This one (buy one get one free at Jamba Juice) is good until Sunday...

Kind of a weird thing to write about, but it is so fun and summery, why not?

Maybe if you get one, you can go with your sweetie and ride your bikes to the closest one so you won't feel guilty about having only sugar for dinner. If you are like me, you will probably ride much slower than your sweetie, even though you really are peddling hard and are sweating profusely to prove it. If you are like Brandon, you will probably ride much faster than your sweetie but kindly offer to let the slower one ride first.

When you get there, be careful not to spill a good portion of your buy-one-get-one free smoothie all over your leg that is propped up on your sweetie's chair because you will come close to saying a swear and then your leg will be sticky sticky sticky (and a little pink), despite all the napkins you might use to clean it up. If that does indeed happen, it won't really be tragic because you'll still have plenty left and you can always taste test your sweetie's flavor. This time, it will be hard to determine which one is better. They each seem to perfectly satisfy.

Also, perhaps your ride home will be a race against a dark monsoon storm with quite the lightening storm. There is horizontal lightening with wirey hands on either side, threatening its fingers at you. Don't worry, though, because the approaching storm will bring gusts of wind that smell like rain and are refreshing against your sweaty self.

Your sweetie will likely beat you home but wait for you so you can be close by as you each haul your bikes up to your second story apartment and plan the rest of your evening. Showers, reading, and an episode of that one television show you both love are agreed upon and in that order. It will be a good night.