Sunday, November 8, 2009

October/November Top 10

How is it suddenly November? I know it is because the sun has been rising and setting each 12 hours but yikes it seems like the Earth has lately been rotating at top speed.

This is a lazy countdown (and a no particular order countdown) post because I can't think of anything to focus on but still want to write. Here's what we've been doing:

1. Last night we went to see District 9 at the cheap theaters and right before the previews there was a commercial for mayonnaise. They tried to make it look appetizing to put mayo on your green beans and let's just say it didn't work. It just made Brandon laugh really hard.

2. The temperature. It now drops into the 40s and 50s at night and hallelujah we can sleep with a blanket rather than just a sheet. Plus, we haven't used our air conditioner in several weeks and have already noticed a difference in our electric bill. We are finally entering the weather that makes Arizona awesome. While I'm bummed we missed out on Denver's recent snow days, I don't miss driving in that crap or scraping my windshields in the morning!

3. Brandon has been started running a few miles with me every now and then and he hasn't died.

4. We recently went up to Mt. Lemmon to see some fall foliage. Mt. Lemmon is a 8500 foot mountain about 30 minutes outside Tucson. It is close enough to be a quick and easy respite from the heat and city. We were a little late for the leaves but I found the perfect heart rock, Brandon found a burly log, and we managed to find a pretty spot to document the changing of the leaves. We also couldn't help but reminisce one our leaf excursion last year where our friend Morghan howled at some mease (aka mooses). (Looking forward to seeing you in December Cheneys!)

5. I have been nurturing my fondness of Life cereal. I bought five boxes of it the other day cause it was on sale for a real good deal and now have to hold back whenever I'm hungry because that is my first instinct. I've also been wondering if I'll ever tire of eating cereal. It is always one of my favorite moments of the day.

6. I finally made freezer jam and found out it really isn't that hard. I felt very domestic.

7. We actually went to a concert the other night. You know you are old and unhip when you find out about bands on NPR. That being said, we had a great time and we glad we made the effort to go. The band was Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Here's the song that initially got me hooked and still makes me want to run off to a hippie commune every time I hear it...

Although I should mention the lead singer looks homeless in real life as evidenced by wearing a nasty tank top and sweatpants while performing.

8. Brandon saved the day (and our wallets) this week when he replaced the alternator in his car. It went out on him while he was driving and he did all the diagnostics and labor himself. I was very proud (and I think he was too).

9. There was this one time that we drove the 2 hours to Phoenix to attend the temple (something us Mormons do from time to time) and upon arrival found out it was closed for cleaning. Shoot! To compensate for our time, we ate at the Cafe Rio in Gilbert, went to Ikea, and drank about 88 oz of diet soda between the two of us.

10. One of Brandon's fantasy football teams in almost the worst in his league. Send him some good luck vibes so he doesn't get completely dominated.

That's all for now folks...