Sunday, May 24, 2009

In The Airport

Yes, I am blogging from the airport. Our plane leaves in about an hour and I don't want to sleep for fear that I'll regret sleeping in Denver when I'm jet-lagged but wired in Germany.

Germany sounds like Jabroni.

Germany, not Jabroni, is the first stop on our trip.

Also, Europe is the 5th largest continent. We actually don't know, but that sounds right.

In other news, Brandon and Harry Potter exchanged wardrobes a few days ago. I don't know if it was the robe or Brandon's manly athletic abilities, but he totally kicked Harry Potter's tooshie in Quidditch after the hooding ceremonies.

For some reason, the airport wireless connection doesn't want us to upload pictures, so you'll have to use your imagination and google Jabroni for some answers (that's what I had to do).

Sorry this post wasn't more fulfilling...I had visions of giving everyone a special treat before we headed off on our European vacation, but it didn't work out.

Thanks for everyone's support and well-wishes over the past few days as Brandon graduated and I quit my job; we feel blessed and excited to move on in our life adventures.

Monday, May 18, 2009

This Week

Monday--Nothing special except for the oodles amount of work I have to do before Thursday. That's why I'm blogging. Makes perfect sense.

Tuesday--Brandon's last day as Webelos Scout Leader (he's been doing this for our church for about the last two years). He actually enjoys working with the boys and he does a really great job keeping them entertained and earning their badge requirements, but he's ready to move on. Two years is a long time to work with 10 year old boys.

Wednesday--The American Idol Finale. Does it suprise you that I have this on my calendar? It shouldn't. I am the queen of crap TV. You should all know this by now. Anyways, go Kris! I'm really not a homophob but Adam creeps me out and has a weird robot stance.

Thursday--My last day of work. Eek! Lots of emotion tied to this one because I love my job and my coworkers. Plus I have to have all my files etc ready to hand off to my coworkers that are taking over my cases and nothing sounds off the anxiety bell more than the thought of handing off incomplete work...
Also: My mom flies in.
Also: Fancy, school sponsored, graduation dinner.

Friday--Brandon graduates with his PharmD!!! There will be lots of picture taking, eating, and congratulating on this day, no doubt.

Sat--Take mom to airport, pack for trip, last minute errands for trip, prepare house to leave for trip, attend friend's wedding in the PM.

Sun--Leave for Europe!

Monday, May 4, 2009


So I can't fall asleep because I have a ridiculous Lady GaGa (seriously, that's her name?) song running through my head along with visions of Craig's List apartment listings. I guess I just diagnosed myself with audio/visual hallucinations. Psychosis here I come...

But the conversation I am really going to write about took place a few days ago as Brandon and I were falling asleep. It is more or less as follows:

Brandon: My feet are so sore.
Alison: Yuck, I'm sorry. Let's get you some new shoes.
B: No, the ones I have are fine.
A: But you complain of sore feet every day!
B: I'll just get some insoles.
A: Noooo....It'll be nice to have them when you start your residency.
B: Come on. Insoles will be fine.
A: (getting frustrated) You've had those shoes for two years, it's time for some new ones.
B: No I haven't
A: YES YOU HAVE...I bought them for you. I remember.
B: That's impossible.
A: Not even. (starting to get shrill) I was an intern when I bought them. I had a gift card to Kohl's...that was TWO YEARS ago.
B: Agggh (playful whining)
B: Ok. I'll get new shoes.
A: What?! You will not get new shoes. You are lying to me.
B:Look at yourself! You are getting so worked up over shoes! No wonder you can't sleep at night. You stay up and freak out about my shoes. I'll get some new ones so you can relax.
A: Huh?
B: Really, we can get me new shoes.
A: Oh, OK. OK, well thank you. That'll be good.
B: Feel better?
A: Yeah. That was weird.
B: You're telling me.

Anyways...there you have it folks. Conversations between Control Freak and Captain Thrifty. Luckily Captain Thrifty knows when to throw in the towel. I'll let you how the shoe shopping goes. The last time we did that, Captain Thrifty almost had a melt down. There were witnesses.