Sunday, October 26, 2008

What Else Would I Write About?

I'm sure you'll all be surprised to learn that this post will be dedicated to updating you on my current facial hair format. I recently trimmed down my beard and its very moustachey core is all that remains. You'll also be surprised to learn that Alison hates it. I also think that it's very ugly; but since I feel like we need this experience right now, I'll be rocking a creepy moustache for a week or so.

With my moustache, I really mind myself of that German guy in Raiders of the Lost Ark who gives Indiana Jones a beating and then gets chopped up in a plane's propeller. Here's a refresher if you need it (I actually recommend re-watching it even if you remember it well because it's so awesome):

Now that you've seen the movie, let's compare:

My moustache doesn't always have to be fierce and intimidating. Here's my moustache looking cute like a puppy:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Vote Didn't Even Have a Chance to Get Barracked

So I got this video in my email today and I'm pretty sure it was from my dad. A lot of people have probably seen this but it was new to me and sure caught me off guard and made me laugh. Especially the part when the old lady swears and you read "Alison=Loser" in spray paint. FYI, we really aren't a political household so just enjoy the video for the laughs and don't think I'm trying to brainwash our small blog following into voting blue.

Not much else is going on in our neck of the woods. Between work, church, and a few chances to see friends, we are kept busier than we would like and come home very tired at the end of the day.

Fortunately, we are splurging this weekend and treating ourselves to some much needed R&R in the mountains. Just the two of us, a plush hotel (gotta love Priceline), cable TV, and a beautiful view. We will certainly enjoy ourselves and may or may not post pictures of our small trip.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Leave us to the Mountains

Hello Internet. I can't type much because I have a papercut on my middle finger and it hurts. Luckily, the pictures in this post do enough talking that I don't have to provide any witty narration.

A few weekends ago, Brandon and I ventured into the lovely mountains with our friends Duke and Morghan. While it was a rather wet and cold afternoon, the leaves were marvelous. Don't you agree??
As we searched for a place to set up our picnic, we found these silly meese. Duke and I sat in awe as our spouses spent about ten mintues making moose calls. Not only were we impressed with the Grammy worthy quality of the calls, but we were also surprised to learn that our spouses had such an affinity for getting these mangey animals' attention. They must have liked us because the meese ran off when another car pulled up. Brandon was so excited to be out in the fresh air, amongst the meese, the rain, the leaves, and the rainbows that were gracing us with their presence, that he acted a bit crazed. Or intoxicated. Or just giddy. Or like a nine year old cub scout that might get to play in the gym after the activity. I haven't figured out which best described him, but I think you get the idea. Luckily, Duke and Morghan are such good friends that I don't get embarrassed when Brandon gets like this... I know, I know, I can be wound rather tightly. I'm working on it! Regardless, it was a very pleasant afternoon. Everywhere we turned was just another beautiful sight.
If we are still in Denver next fall and you want to join in on the fun, we will take you to this gorgeous destination and show you what Colorado is all about.