Wednesday, November 28, 2007


While there were many wonderful things that came out of our nice holiday jaunt to Utah, there was one particularly paramount comment that changed everything. And I mean everything.

On our way home from Utah, we stopped at Brandon's parents' house in Loveland, CO (and ps, how can you not adore a place called 'Loveland'?) and hung out for a bit with Brandon's friend, Seiji. When the conversation turned to television, Seiji mentioned that you can watch Lost Season 3 on

This is what happened next:

I was all: "No you can't" in my most know-it-all-tone. Then Brandon was all: "Yeah, you can only watch the last six episodes." Then Sieji was all "Oh, that's weird" and the conversation changed subjects.

Cut to Monday, the next day.

I get this text from Brandon that was all, "Seji was right, all of Lost season 3 is online." And then suddenly I was all, "Yes! This is incredible!" and bolted home as quickly as my little red neon would go without breaking the law.

I also call that section, "All: A Literary Experiment."

Now, here we are, three days later. Brandon and I are watching L O S T obsessively. Several months ago, Brandon's friend Ryan told us about a site where we could watch L O S T but it just didn't work out. The resolution was crappy and it wasn't worth it. But L O S T on is a gem. So thanks for the link Ryan, we are just resolution snobs.

We have probably watched five or six episodes since Monday and right this very second, I am anxiously awaiting Brandon's return from hometeaching so we can watch more. I am blown away by Desmond, not to mention the whole surgery incident and can't wait to find out what happens. I find myself constantly raising my hands to the ceiling during these episodes and saying, "This is SO awesome" in my most impressed, definitive voice. This is embarrassing, but I am also tempted to read all L O S T message boards and learn what the geeks are hypothesizing about. I think we've just been in L O S T withdrawal since we finished season 2.

Watch out for the Others. They are evil.


Chase & Cait said...

Haha when Chase and I found when we were in Brazil, we became obsessed with heros and Ugly Betty. It was the only english "tv" we could watch! Minus the portuguese subtitles, it was great.

The Cowley Tribe said...

Welcome to the LOST addicts circle. I can't believe you didn't know about! It saved my life while I was in school last semester and missed episodes.

alison&brandon5280 said...

Oh we knew about for a long time they only displayed the last six episodes. I think the writers strike prompted to put full seasons up on the site so that people wouldn't get frustrated. And since we hadn't seen ANY of season three, the site was useless to us. But once we get all caught, up we will definately use it b/c school and work prevents us from primetime viewing.

Becky Rogers said...

I am going to try out. Thanks. Missed you and Brandon at Thanksgiving :( Hopefully Christmas????