Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Costco Dinner

When I came home this afternoon, Brandon and I began the usual conversation of what we should do for dinner. In a lazy, whiny voice, I put my head on Brandon's shoulder and said, "I kind of just want to go and have pizza at Costco."

Brandon instantly starting laughing and said, "That's awesome because that is exactly what I wanted to suggest to you but was too afriad I was going to be shot down!"

Woa...what is the likelihood that we would both want cheap, filling, just-greasy-enough pizza slices, a super cheap fountain drink, and possibly have a churro for dessert???? Freaky. We have only had Costco dinner once before, so its not a regular option.

Anyways, now you know what we had for dinner tonight. When we came home, we became bona-fide fat Americans by plopping our snack-bar bellies on the couch and watching that horrific show Moment of Truth. We won't be doing that again. Unlike Costco dinner, that show sucks. It makes you feel bad when you watch it.

All right, now back to homework...


Taylor said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with a cosco dinner. Shawn and I probably do the hotdog and drink combo at Sams Club every weekend (oooh--maybe I shouldn't have admitted that!0.

acester said...

We LOVE Costco food, sad but true that we would spend Saturdays walking around and sampling and then having lunch which consisted of hot dogs and soda. The only pathetic part was Ryan would never 'splurge' on a churro for a dessert. Have Brandon explain how cheap he really is.

Shelley said...

I love Costco pizza and especially their churros. I was talking to our COO who is a great guy but very interesting the concept of eating at Costco was so foreign to him. He doesn't even eat fast food and is very picky as to which restaurants he'll eat. We've exhausted most in the South Salt Lake are except for Chili's (he loves their chicken tacos -- go figure) and Citrus Grill.