Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well, the main objective of the secret mission has been met. Today I (Brandon) honored one of the most sacred traditions of nerd-dom and competed on the popular trivia gameshow "Jeopardy!" Being on Jeopardy was pretty much a dream come true. I will admit, there have been times in my life when I have made plans around watching Jeopardy. I'm not allowed to disclose how anything went, but you can check it out for yourself on May 21, 2008.

How does one come to be on Jeopardy? Well, I went about it the normal way. I took the online test about a year ago and was invited to do an audition last May. I didn't feel like the audition went that great, but it was fun. I never really thought they would call me, but when they did I was tremendously delighted. I got the message one day after school and came very near to hyperventilating when I realized what it was for.

Being on the show has really changed my perspective on things. I almost feel like I've been off the coast of St. Barts, hanging with spider monkeys and dropping acid. Watching the show and playing are totally different things. Things move really quickly and the competition is pretty fierce. Also, as it turns out, Alex Trebek was very likable.

I would like to post some pictures of the event, but cameras were strictly forbidden on the movie lot. I guess, with a little patience, adequate audiovisual documentation will become available for everyone. If you're like me, this is sensational news and you just can't wait to see the outcome. I hope that we'll all be able to contain ourselves. I know that it will be hard.

For now, let's just all rejoice in America--the land of opportunity.


Becky Rogers said...

Oh my...are you serious!!! That is so awesome. Jeff and I will be watching. What an awesome opportunity for you Brandon!

Ryan said...

Props my brotha - Ken Jennings. I can't wait to see Lammer the Hammer in action.

Cleslie said...

Wow. First off, you're amazing Brandon. Secondly, I don't know what it would be like to be off the coast of St. Barts, hanging with spider monkeys and dropping acid, but I would like to try. Do you attribute your intelligence to mind enhancing drug use?

The Rogers said...

I watch Jeopardy every single day!! I only have 2 video games...one is a basketball game, the other is Jeopardy. We will have to play next time we have a big family thing. Kristin and I will be watching.

Jeff and Lisa Elder Blog said...

I love being able to see what goes on through the link on Ryan and Liz's blog. You are amazing Brandon. I can only succeed at jeopardy when it's the kids version. Can't wait to see how you did-just being on the show is a great feat!

Chase & Cait said...

Chase can't stop raving about Brandon's favorite website. I think that he has told everyone he knows about it.

I clicked on I am a sissy and got to see Oprah.