Friday, March 30, 2012


So getting ready in the morning is a daily cirucs...I have a baby gate set up so Russell can only wander between his and my room while I shower and dress. These rooms are baby proofed enough, I figure, that he'll be fine entertaining himself while I shower and make myself presentable for the day. Or so I thought.

This is what happened a few days ago:

If you can't tell, that is a metal hair barrette behind the adapter. I was right next to him, only my back was turned. I suddenly heard this big POP!, Russell started screaming, and I smelled burning. He had found the barrette on the ground and started playing with it...I have no idea if he intended for it to go there or if it was some random accident. Luckily, he was fine...only a little soot covered and frightened. Getting the hair clip out from behind that electrical adapter was quite electrifying. It was essentially a live wire...I used a silicone oven mitt to try and unplug everything and sparks flew each time I jiggled it. It was scary! Poor Russell was beside himself. I've never seen him so scared, not even with the vacuum. I had to give Brandon another frantic call and he suggested I turn the power off, which was the perfect solution. The outlet still works fine, as does everything that was plugged in. I don't think Russell learned his lesson as moments later we were in the living room and he started tugging on a plugged in cord.   
Some of the soot came off his fingers before I could get a good picture.
This is the "To Top it All Off" part. While I was talking on the phone to Brandon, trying to figure out what to do, I put Russell on our bed. Our bed is his most favorite place ever. He loves to touch the buttons to my alarm clock, flip through the books on my nightstand, and basically mess with every possible object Brandon and I have near our bedside. That activity can keep him occupied for 15 minutes at a time. It drives me nuts, but I needed him occupied. It was during that portion of our morning that he pooped. And since he was only in a onesie (remember we were still in the getting dressed stage of the day), some of the poop got out of his diaper and smeared all over the bed when he got himself sandwiched between my bed and my nightstand. Luckily it was also laundry day and so the bed was stripped of sheets...but still. I wasn't planning on washing the mattress cover that day.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Morning light, morning hair, and some Picassa editing.
 M: Many visitors. We have been visited by several wonderful friends this month with more visitors to come which is such a treat. March Madness (take a guess who's watching).  

A:  Apple! One of Russell's newest words. Adorable and awesome also come to mind when describing him...Aroma. Our orange and grapefruit trees are bursting with blossoms right now and the scent wafts through the kitchen window on occasion.

R: Red red! red? I'm trying to teach Russell colors and it is going slowly...I can tell he differentiates between colors but he isn't too keen at showing me. Redirecting.  Russell is slowing becomming a bonafide toddler with the behavior to prove it, with mini tantrums, toy throwing, and biting himself or other objects just to prove how mad he is. Yikes. Tips on toddler redirecting? Rattlesnake Killer. At least that is what they call me. True Story--the other day I was driving with my friend and drove by a rattlesnake. We watched it hiss and sidewind for a bit which was kinda cool and kinda freaky. A few days later, my friend found it dead in about the same spot. I must have run over it (I knew that was a possibility but it didn't seem mortally wounded when we watched it). So yes, I'm a rattlesnake killer.

C: Commitment. We are about to get new phones and we have been debating this since before Thanksgiving.  Computer. We need a new one, but getting a new one is also like the cellphone ordeal. Arg. Decisions decisions decisions. Cheap! That is the main culprit, actually. Decisions would be a lot easier if I didn't second guess everything. Can I get a better deal somewhere else? Will it be worth the money? Do we really need it? Cookies. We still have a box of Candy Cane Joe Joes in our cupboard and it totally comforts me to know that it is there. Just one is actually a perfect treat about an hour after dinner since we try not to indulge on dessert on weekdays.We have one more Somoa left. Don't worry, I'll let Brandon have it. They are his fave. As far as the homemade stuff goes, we have three varieties on our freezer. We are aficiandos if you couldn't tell.

H: House cleaning and house projects.  Our garage sale was a success and I'm already plotting another. A ceiling fan, some new flooring, adding some new trees and other plants to our yard, and more painting are in the works and it feels good to change it up. Hair. Mine is getting cut on Saturday and there are still no plans to cut Russell's. His mullet and bedhead are quite the sights! Brandon wants it to get out of control and I think I'll just cry when it is finally trimmed. I want my Russell to be a baby forever. Heat. We just had the first day of spring, which in Arizona means, "Hello summer!" The days are getting longer and temps have dabbled in the 80s.  I'm just crossing my fingers that our first day over 100 is still along way away. At least the pool is heating up! 

And here's Russel looking especially round and comfy in my latest garage sale find.