Saturday, July 19, 2008

I will no longer talk about my clothes on our blog

I'm kind of embarrassed that my last post was about my outfit for the day. Where did that come from?? We are going out of town for a few days...starting in oh, about four hours (I NEED TO GO TO BED) and I felt compelled to do something to move that last post from the top of our silly page. I mean, what if we die on the way to the airport tomorrow and that post about my clothes are the words that people remember me by, only because they were just so darn accessible? Hopefully this one will have a little more dignity than the last. No promises.

As I've thought about the lowness of that last post, I've been thinking about blogging. "Is this lame?" I think. After that thought, I always think, "Yes." Then I wonder, "Is there anything I really should be writing about?" and "Why do we even do this in the first place?". I think of all that crap about my posterity and am not quite convinced our future kids will care about how their parents made Gandalf jokes back in the day. Yet at the same time, I actually really like the process of writing these entries and will probably keep doing them*. Obviously, I haven't really come to any conclusions, but my inner-monologue was heightened when my aunt** forwarded me a link to this blog that essentially mocks other blogs. I got a huge kick out of it but felt a little pathetic afterwards.

All I know is that since we have this blog, I feel compelled to write, even when I have nothing to say. So that morning when I had that unfortunate discovery about my shirt, I guess some passion stirred inside me and I had something to say and by gosh, I was going to say it. I learned however, that maybe I should just pick up the phone or say it to myself. So sorry about that. I'll try to use a little more discretion next time. Again, no promises.

*I even started another blog about my work as a family therapist. Why? Why? Why?

**(sorry I haven't written you back dear Shelley, I appreciated your emails and will get back to you after we return from CA)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Do You Know What Sucks?

Reaching for your favorite shirt and discovering it has a yucky stain on it. Probably from leaving a chapstick in a pocket during the dry cycle. HUGE BUMMER.

In case you were wondering, that happened to me just now. I'm suriving OK. Settled on a plain grey v-neck, some new jeans, and these cute black flip flops I've been wearing all summer.

Life is good, just busy...hopefully some posts will follow. We go to California on Saturday for some consumption of skin-cancer and trans-fats. It's going to rock our worlds.