Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Diaper Story

So one of the grocery stores near our house has this discount table that I always have to check out.  I even kind of get excited about it.  The possibility of a suprise awesome deal never gets old, I suppose. A few weeks ago, I found this bag of Huggies Diapers on that table for $4.99. I did the math and found that each diaper would come to about $.10, which is a great deal on that brand. Logically, I snatched them up and felt proud.
Non Story Related Pic. This is from when we took him camping and he was mostly miserable except for when in the trunk of our car. 
A few hours later, as I opened the package to unload them into the diaper basket, I noticed they had been sealed shut with scotch tape. No biggie, I thought, someone else probably returned them because they were the wrong size or something. Well, as I reached in the bag to unload the bottom layer of diapers, I quickly saw that there were several diapers that did not match the others. As I analyzed the situation further, I realized that there were about five diapers that were a size smaller, had tacky green and yellow animals all over them, and had no brand name slapped across the diaper. AND, there were five diapers fewer than the package indicated.

The truth of matter began to become apparant. I had been had!! Can you believe the nerve?! Some desperate, cheating bozo totally snuck the remainder of their no name, too-small diapers that they no longer needed into mostly full Huggies package and then returned them to the store for money. Who does that? The tattle-tell in me wanted to take them back pronto, but I eventually realized that it wasn't woth another trip to the store to complain and make up the few cents I lost on the scam.

And there's a more pathetic part to this story. I totally used those too-small diapers. I just made sure Russell never slept or pooped in them and they worked just fine. Each time I strapped them on his little bum, however, I felt like an uber-cheapskate for being unable to just toss them and crossed my fingers that no major mess would ensue.  

So buyer beware--the clearance table isn't all that it's cracked up to be.
The fam at a Rockies game in Colorado
In Russell news, he is almost 10 months. He...
  • Is a shorty.  He is only in the 27% for height, which means his weight is only in the 30%.  He still has all those rolls on his thighs...but he technically isn't a fatty!
  • Continues to cruise along walls and furniture like nobody's business but isn't close to walking solo at all.
  • Sleeps like a champ.
  • Thinks I'm funnier than Brandon. If Russell laughs at something I do, Brandon will try to get a similar reaction by doing the exact same thing with minimal to no success. I've never upstaged Brandon before. I'm pretty certain it won't last long.
  • Loves when I sing, "The Wheels on the Bus" allows me to change his diaper without him wiggling his way off the changing table and for me to wipe his face after eating without him screaming in agony.  He particularly loves the line, "The driver on the bus says, 'Move on back'"--especially when sung with a gruff, deep voice.  
  • Loves to look at books with photographs of babies--he totally giggles and makes excited sounds for his favorite baby pics.
  • Is entering a disgusting food phase where he likes to take food out of his mouth, mash it up in his hand, put it back in his mouth (he sometimes does that sequence repeatedly), and then touch his hair. That whole routine is kind of ironic because we had to put chunkies (stuff like frozen peas and carrots) in his food because he was spitting out the strictly pureed stuff.  So we get spit-up food if we don't put in the chunks or a giant mess if we do...this is getting interesting folks.
  • Has one of his top teeth about half way in and another one peeking through...
  • Is often called, "Rustito," by his father. Brandon decided that was the Spanish version of his name.
Feeling very proud of himself for crusing along the wall to this window