Monday, April 4, 2011

Post Script

The Mrs. forget to include one crucial part of the car story.

Once, way back when the Mr. was intermittently trying to sell the Olds (and still pricing it too high for the guy who wanted it so badly), the Mr. received this text:

"RU willing 2 trade for tattoos?"

The Mr. assumed the text referred to the car although he was never quite certain.  Nonetheless, the answer was no.

Also, here are pictures of  the baby sitter:
This is one of the first pictures of him sitting...he started about 3 weeks ago.  The Mrs. likes it because the baby is in his gorilla position as it used help him balance.  Now he doesn't need to use his arms, erasing all fears the family had that the baby was part primate.  

This is another of the Mrs. favorites because it illustrates the things the baby likes to do most--suck on stuff.  He has a burp cloth in his mouth (look at that aggressive expression!  he's serious about sucking!), a pacifier between his legs and a toy in his other hand. He pretty much alternated between sucking on all three for about twenty minutes, which is a long time in baby world. Also, minutes after this picture, the baby got his fingers stuck in the little holes and became very sad. Quiver quiver went his lower lip. The Mrs. helped him right away by scooping him up (after freeing his little fingers), holding him close, and kissing him on the forehead.  It worked right away.