Sunday, January 30, 2011

Well Look Who's Back

First of all, no promises. We might blog regularly from now on or we might not. Secondly, we have a baby now! Probably anyone who reads this knows that already. Third of all, there is really no explanation as to why this blog sat neglected for so long (well, maybe there are some reasons but I don't really want to get into them and they are probably really boring to ya'll). And fourthly, No Promises Part Dos--we might write about our baby or we might write about kittie kats or we might write about serious stuff or we might make up lies. In other words, we will probably write about anything and everything and may censor ourselves less than before That is all the rules for this blog that I can think of at this time. I'm tempted to tell you to not to talk about Fight Club but that really wouldn't make sense in this context.

And FYI, for anyone that got our Christmas e-letter, I want to clarify that we did not get a dog. Lots of people were confused and I take ownership on that one. I think I didn't explain the game well enough.

But we did get a baby and he's awesome. He has my pointy chin and I'm rooting for his eyes to stay blue. People say he looks just like Brandon which I love to hear. His latest thing is sticking as much of his hands in his mouth as he possibly can, even while nursing. Yesterday he was so obsessed with sticking his fingers in his mouth that he gagged himself. A few seconds later, he put his fingers right back in and gouged himself under his tounge, causing himself to bleed and make the sadest face ever. We prompty cut his fingernails although I promise I cut them just a few days prior. Just not short enough, I guess.

Anyways, here we are, back in this neck of the internets. Life is better than it has ever been. Stay tuned! xox